Whitt's Sauces - "Tastes So Good You'll Forget The Meat!"
          Whitt's Famous Sauces!
With  the  choices  of  commercial products
available  in  stores  today  it is hard to find that  “Down Home” southern  quality  from yester-year.   This   is   why  the  Whittaker Family has decided to bring their traditional  
family BBQ sauce to the public.
   Ernest & Elaine Whittaker

Originated by the late Earl Whittaker in his hometown of Eatonville, Florida, his unique sauce  had  been  a hometown  favorite  for years.  Earl  Whittaker was encouraged by his  local  fans to  bottle the BBQ sauce for the  open  market  but  he  was  completely happy   sharing  his  sauce with neighbors 
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Mr.Whittaker took great pride in the process of his sauce and when he passed away,  the  family  legacy was  handed down  to  his  son, Ernest. Now  Ernest and  Elaine Whittaker  strives  to  bring  their  line  of original sauces  to   such as  yours.  Whitt’s sauces have been used in dips,   and  of  course  to  top off the traditional family BBQ again and again.  We   urge  your  family  to  join  the  Whittakers  in  enjoying  these tantalizing  new  tastes at  your  and  bring  together your friends and neighbors to experience them as well!
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